Antietam Ghost Picture

Donald captured this intriguing ghost picture taken in high resolution at Antietam, Maryland. He revisited the site and tried to recreate what may be the image of a male ghost, but was unable to. We might add that Donald was able to debunk another potential ghost photo, so he is a credible photographer looking for the truth. Does this Antietam photograph reveal a ghost behind a marker? You decide...

"I am an amateur photographer and from time to time I take photos in many places. I used a Minolta X700 35mm camera with black and white film with red filter. These pictures were developed at a local Walmart store. I never had been to Antietam before, so I took plenty of pictures and this one stood out to me. I remember no one was present during my photo taking. I did see people come and go, but I like to wait until they are out of view to take ‘good’ pictures. This was a totally unexpected figure and I am sure it is not a person that I’ve seen or encountered. I see the figure on the negative as well. I did not tamper with them whatsoever.

 On my routine visit to Antietam as a first timer, I was taking shots of many cannons, fields and even cemeteries. I was totally suprised what was exposed after development from a local Wal-mart. The figure at the cemetery I have in ten pictures and each picture I have is numbered in order. Each has the figure in the same place and it did not appear to move."

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