1980s Mist Ghost Pictures

Norene Yarbrough of Cicero, Illinios sent us some old ghost pictures from the 1980s of ectoplasm mists:

"Here's a couple of pics you might be interested in. The one with the lady on the couch is my late ma. This was taken 1980-something and there appears to be a white mist hovering over my dog. That mist has appeared in a couple of other pics taken at that house too. Maybe the apartment was haunted; it was pretty old. The second shot was taken in 1980-something too, but outside of a different apartment we lived in at the time. This apartment was said to be haunted,as they claim the landlady's son committed suicide in the bathtub. It did feel creepy there!"

Though both images were not very clear, you can still see the mists in them.