Weird Thing Ghost Photo

Renee Ryan from Hastings, Florida sent us this weird, old picture. We have no idea what this anomaly in the upper left corner is, but thought it might be nice for you to look at and decide for yourself. What the heck is it?

"I was looking through all of the ghost photos and I thought I would submit one of my own. This photo was taken about 14 yrs ago (long before Photoshop or digital cameras). My husband and I were out at our family cabin far out in the woods of the Ocala National Forest outside of Palatka,Fla. We were the only two people around for miles. I took this picture of him grilling out. When we took the picture neither one of us saw or heard anything near by. Can you please tell me what is that flying object at the top left of the photo?? It is transparent, but you can clearly see it has eyes and a fully formed shape. We have had other paranormal experiences while we have been at the cabin but nothing has ever been captured on film except this. I think it is a ghost."