Ghost Pictures: Belinda's Spirit

We are so sorry to bring this extremely sad story to our viewers, but it is also very encouraging to know that there is life after death...that spirit exists and survives after the death of the body. That is our mission at Angels & Ghosts. Fifteen year old Lee-Ray J. of Rustenburg, South Africa sent us the story and pics. We are thankful that Belinda and all their loved ones' spirits are still with them. We are proud to share their story:

"On November 2, 2005 my cousins Belinda (31), Tony (35), their children Brandon (8) and twins Janine & Justin left our house at 1730 to go back home (which was 30 minutes away). A truck over took and hit them head-on, killing Belinda, Tony and the twins. The only survivor was Brandon. We found out at 21:30 and rushed to the hospital to see him. We were broken by the loss. The following night around 20:30, I put a photo of Brandon and the twins on the wall and took another photo on my cell. What I saw shocked us all: Belinda's face appeared in the photo. You could see her red hair. Then the following night we did it again to see what would happen. We saw for a split second Belinda's and Tony's faces. Below is the car and the pics on the cellphone and their graves."