Picture of a Soccer Player Ghost

Joanne Thirlwall sent us this picture of red across a portion of it. Is it some sort of energy interference that is ghostly or just an exposure error. You decide...

"...just recently this picture was taken in my friend's basement. It seems that a lot of the pictures I'm in are like this, but it does not happen to my friends when they are in the pictures alone. Only when they are with me does it happen to them. I'm not really into thinking ghosts are real, so I'm thinking this could be just light exposure or something like that; but I'm not too sure -- just that it's only happening to me and not my friends, makes it kinda' weird."

Robyne Martinez sent us this ectoplasm ghost picture and explanation:

"My husband passed away 9/1999. This is a photo of me immediately after returning from his wake at the funeral parlor. My husband was a professional soccer player from Italy & later Boston. He had lived a very trouble last few years becoming addicted to cocaine from the pressures put on him from being a pro athlete. He took his own life that September & was found dead 4-6 days later (as he was estranged from our family) per coroner's report. My best friend took this photo of me viewed at the bottom of the photo. The white mist is clearly that of my deceased husband...face, arms outstretched and in a running position, as he had been while playing soccer. He had a very, very big rib cage, as you can see and small hipped, but 6'1" - a big man.

Family & friends have viewed this, including my daughter - who discovered the image on the photo. It has unnerved us for years. I hope you will consider posting it, as it is very much an authentic haunting caught on film."