Ghost Head Picture

Jennifer Davis sent us this amazing ghost picture which seems to reveal the ghost head of possibly the former resident:

"This picture was taken by my ex-husband as I was running through our living room. After we had the film developed, we saw the man that we shared our home with. Prior to this we had alot of strange activity happening around our house, such as things mysteriously moved, pictures falling off of the walls, cold spots and unexplained noises. 

After we saw this picture, we began some research and discovered that several years ago this man's wife had shot him on accident through his front door as he was coming in, because she thought that he was a burglar (and she was not expecting him home). The original house had been gone long before mine was there. We think that the man apparently did not realize what had happened and believes that he is still alive. We have long since moved and from what I have heard, the man is still causing havoc in the house."

Typically, orange-haze in ghost photos can be caused by digital camera flash settings for low-light conditions.  But this odd-shaped head is hard to deny as appearing rather ghostly. Is this orangey-haze caused by spirit energy?

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