Spectre Ghost Picture

Judi from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada sent us this nice picture of what looks to be a spectre or ghost in the window behind them. Is it a ghost or trick of the eye called matrixing? You decide...

"I hope you can see the ghost of what looks like a smiling child in the window. You can see it better sideways. That was taken in 1986, in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. Outside the window is my balcony. The sixteen story apartment building was built on an Indian Burial ground, and there are some very old gravestones still there at the front of the building. There was also a church on the site. I lived there for thirteen years with my family (that's me and my husband in the pic), and throughout all that time there have been things happening, heard, and seen; also in other tenants' apartments. However, I just noticed this little ghost in the pic recently."

4: "Here is another pic from the same apartment I lived in Scarborough, Canada.  This was taken in 1985 and again after turning the picture sideways it looks like a child at the bottom left side of the pic.  This window is off my balcony from the dining room."

"I went through my pics once more and looks like more faces in the pic with my daughter.  Also I noticed in the background of the second pic (5 & 6), it looks like an eerie face in the trees.  That is the same apartment building in Scarborough, ntario.  That place is really haunted.  There are actually two buildings side by side.  The one I lived in was a bit bigger, but the other one also had lots of paranormal things happen, as my friends lived there."