Oregon Ectoplasm Ghost Pics

Kevin Plunkett from Oregon sent us these very fine ectoplasm ghost pictures...could they reveal a Native American presence, or a loved one of Kevin's who just wanted to pose for the pictures?

"These pictures were taken with a Kodak DX4530 digital camera. Of nineteen pictures taken that day only two contained this anomaly. Strange occurrences happen often on our property including strange shadows, glimpses from the corner of your eye, and a feeling of paralysis with the sensation of a presence nearby. We live in an area of Southern Oregon which is rich in history of Indian occupation and many skirmishes with early white settlers."

UPDATE: Eilish C. sent us this find within the photos above:

"I was checking out the April pics, when I came across the Oregon ghost pics. If you look in the right window, you can see a young girl/woman looking out - only her head and shoulders appear."