Ghost Pictures: Orphanage Ghosts

Recently, Tim sent us this story and pictures...enjoy!

"An abandoned children's home... A skeptical security guard... A lot of trespassers with stories. I'm Tim, a security guard with nightly rounds in the NE Ohio area. I have always had a skeptical mind as to the existence of the paranormal. No matter what sense of the word, U.F.Os, Monsters, Ghosts etc. I need hard proof. I hated orb pictures. I never believed that they were more than dust particles. I have recently changed my mind about the ghost part. These are some pictures from an abandoned orphanage. There are tunnels and the building is large and ominous. THIS BUILDING IS UNSAFE!!! If someone comes here without expressed consent from the owners it is my job to remove them."

"Orbs are one thing this stuff is another!  Before I got into this room I heard three loud kicking noises and the sound of glass being broken.  I called out "Whoever is in here, stay where you are!"  I didn't hear any movement after that so I figured they stayed still.  My procedure is flash first ask questions later.  I jumped into the room and snapped this picture hoping to see some drunks or trespassers.  After reviewing my photos at the end of my shift I figure I might be the one trespassing."

In the main building I get the feeling of happiness, and a playful childish vibe.

You can see this orb is so bright that it reflects off of the floor. It also shows distance and depth.

I turned around from taking the last picture and snapped this one. I placed pennies in this room the night before to see what would happen. Every last one of them was gone. I ut some of them in obscure, hidden places. Whomever or whatever took them had to be watching. The attic has children's clothing, books, toys, and old player piano scrolls in the corners nooks and crannies. This is all probably attic dust but I can't help but think that there are a couple orbs that seem to follow me from room to room. I compared these and many other photos from this place and 4 of these orbs are in 5 other pictures. Same intensity, same aura color, same size. The attic is an overwhelming place because of the keepsakes left behind.

April 2006 Update:
"I've had a rather unnerving experience in the orphanage since the November picture submission. There are tunnels under the orphanage that connect it with the infirmary / hospital section. One night as I was checking the passage to the incinerator room I heard a 'voice' and 'metallic' noises. Since my last picture posting it has been quiet, but this sent chills through my body. Faint garbled speaking and the sound of metal being scratched across metal drew me down a passage I don't normally check. It is a place trespassers claim to be 'His Room.' These photos are from an unseasonably warm morning about 2:15am. I was scared but I didn't see anything with my own eyes. The first picture is a bit of a threatening picture. A bluish clouded squatting humanoid figure with a shining piece of (what I now believe to be) metal shining in the camera's flash. (PHOTO 1.) After that photo I turned the Kodak digital camera to the AVI function and I asked "Why are you here?"( EVP 1.) I felt a cold rush pass over nd down the tunnel. I turned and snapped a picture. (PHOTO 2 and enhancements 2.1, 2.2, 2.3.) After analyzing all the data I feel that what I
encountered is a scared young man, with a knife. Who is truly 'trapped in this place.'"