Ghost Lady in the Attic Picture

Jason from Minnesota sent us this ghost picture of an old lady in the attic. The question is whether she is a ghost or not. To us, it looks like the window light reflected off of something on the left (a mirror?) and cast upon her. Perhaps, this is why the face is a little washed out. It may just be an old photograph of someone's great, great grandmother, but as always, you decide for yourself:

"Don't know if this is real or not, but in this house there is (and was) only one window in the attic, which is what you see on the right side. So how did her face get so washed out? I found this picture stuffed in an old bible, in a box of books in the attic, that belonged to my grandparents. It is probably just my imagination, but it just gave me the creeps when I first saw it. I'll let you decide. I tried adjusting the brightness to make out a face, but nothing worked (this is the original)."