Oak Alley Plantation Ghost Picture

Leslie Fear of Keller, Texas sent us this ghost picture from the famed plantation known as Oak Alley. Are there ghosts in the upper dormer windows? We've enlarged the windows for you to take a look and decide:

"I am submitting this picture I took of Oak Alley Plantation which is located approximately 60 miles north of New Orleans. The picture was taken in December of 2004 with a digital HP Photosmart 735, 3.2 MP camera. Looking at the picture alone, you will not see anything unless you zoom into the top right dormer window, and then focus on the two left bottom panes. What I and many others see, is what looks like a small breed dog in the very left bottom pane and just above the dog is a profile of a child looking to the right.

I have submitted this picture to Oak Alley (which is now also a bed & breakfast as well as a tourist site), and they were unable to explain it. The house does not allow dogs and at the time the picture was taken, Oak Alley was strictly a place for tourists. The room in which the "ghosts" were captured, is a storage room with period piece clothing for the staff to wear. In addition, no one lives in the house."