Ghost Pictures: Canon City Colorado

Heather Kennedy sent us a bunch of ghost pics from Canon City, Colorado. Who knew the big town of Canon City was a nice place to hunt ghosts in Colorado? We posted a few of them for you to see:

"My husband and I have been amateurs taking graveyard pictures for a while now. We are weird, that's the only reason I can give as to why we do it. We were visiting family living in Canon City, Colorado. This is a prison capitol of the plains. This graveyard had graves from the early 1800's and rows and rows of prisoners. Some were executed. There was also a section called Popper's (Pauper's?) Field where poor people and catholics were buried (the Klu Klux Klan had a strong hold for a while and buried Catholics there). I have never ever got so much activity in pictures. In one frame there would be nothing; and the next there would be something and so on and so on. We have used this camera for two years and have never had anomalies like this. Most of the activity was around Popper's field."