Uninvited Guest Ghost Picture

Victoria Rivera sent us this ghost picture from a party that may reveal an uninvited guest. We questioned her about everyone who attended to see if the blurry woman could have been someone that quickly walked into the frame of the camera:

"My sister was having a party for my little nephew's 6th birthday. We (my children, boyfriend, and I) got there early. I had told my sister I was going to go ahead and feed my children, because there is no telling how long it will be before anyone else gets there. At this time, not many kids had been there yet. My two girls were the only girls at the party when the ghost photo was taken. My sister was at the table, eating with my oldest daughter, when she took the picture (with her cell phone) of my daughter being silly. Later that week, she sent me a picture text asking, 'What is that behind Alex?' This is not the first picture taken at this house that shows something like this.

Yes, everyone is accounted for. My two girls were the only girls there besides my little niece that you can see crawling. My other daughter was in the room watching TV. All the little boys were kept in the room playing games on the Xbox (because they were playing too rough around the babies). This is why it is truly freaking me out."