Who Is on The Porch Ghost Picture

Sue Smith sent this picture, is it a ghost? Who is on the porch? Take a look...

"I am currently scanning old family photos in order to save them for later generations. Just last night I scanned this photo. It was in my grandmother's photo album. Unfortunately, I have no idea what type of camera took this picture or what the weather conditions were. Prior to scanning it, I didn't notice anything, but then again, I wasn't really looking at any of the photo's before scanning. Once I scanned this picture in and it came up on my computer screen, I Immediately saw the figure in the back left hand corner. It made the hairs on my arm stand on end! To me it looks like a skeletal face of what appears to be a woman (because of the dress and apron). I also think I can see her arm and maybe a basket? Beyond the dress and apron it appears to be a leg showing. On the back, someone wrote the names of the five ladies in the center of the photo. It also states it was taken in 1948 on the day of my Great Uncle Laurie's funeral. This morning I contacted my father who is 74 years old. I asked him out the photo and he easily remembered the picture even stated that he was there when the photo was taken. He cannot remember if there was anyone on the porch. I have looked at this photo most of the day today and sent it to friends and other family members. None of us can explain the figure in the back left hand corner."

"This photo was taken across the street from my grandparent's home in Barnwell, SC. The day the photo was taken was February 1948. It was the day of my grandfather's brother's funeral. His name was Laurie Fowke. The five girls on the steps of the house were hisdaughters. Only two are still living and only one of those has the mental capacity to answer any questions. My father was sixteen years old and standing in the yard when the photo was taken. He admits not remembering anyone else standing on the porch when the picture was taken, but cannot be 100% sure, simply due to the length of time that has passed. I also have a possible explanation as to who the figure might be.Laurie's first wife died in child birth and I've had several people, including myself, conclude that she is holding a baby. I also had some one point out to me that there is a shadow on the right hand side of the picture standing on the porch, as well. I cannot attribute it toanyone...maybe a second possible ghost.

I'll give you a little history on the picture itself. It has been inside a photo album in my grandparent's living room since the 1960's. The photo album is one that has plastic pockets to insert photos in. The picture itself is in perfect condition. It has no signs of any moisture, no tears, and it does not appear to have been double exposed. I came into possession of the photo when I decided to take some of the old family pictures home with me to scan into the computer and make a picture CD. I want to save as many old photos for future generations as possible. I saw this figure after scanning this picture in my computer and began showing it to as many people as possible looking for some explanation. Everyone who looks at this picture feels this is a ghost of some sort. She has a skeletal face. You can see a watch or bracelet on her left arm and a ring on her right ring finger and she is holding a baby."