Ghost in Door Picture

Taken at Harvey's Lake in Pennsylvania, this ghost picture showing something odd in the doorway is puzzling. Is it a ghost in the door? Beth, who sent the photos, could not find anything that would have reflected the shape onto the door; nor can we. It looks almost like a statue. Take a look...

"My name is Beth, and I am sending you some pictures that I believe have a ghost in them. I took these pictures while camping at a friend's house about a month ago. I was just taking pictures of my children goofing off, running around, etc and did not notice anything unusual at the time. Around midnight that night, we were sitting around the campfire outside the house, when I decided to go through the pictures I had taken that day (I can brighten and crop them on my camera). That's when I noticed that in two of the pictures I took of my kids on the porch, there is a strange thing in the window. Upon zooming in, it looks like a woman with long hair to me; but I don't know.

Our friend's house is surrounded by trees. There was nothing making a reflection on the window, and there was nothing inside the house that could be seen through to the outside. I'm also sending some extra copies, that I edited on the computer while trying to define the edges and see what I could make out. The original pictures are the ones with the blacked out circles [those are my kids], and the rest are the ones I was trying to lighten/sharpen/make out the details. Also, that same night while sleeping in this house, we heard whispering voices [at 2-3 am], an empty milk jug flew off the counter, and footsteps."