Grandma Appearing Ghost Picture

Krystle sent us this picture of perhaps her grandma appearing on camera to say, "Hello."

"Hi, I'm hoping you could give me some input on this picture. My grandmother recently passed away, and before she died, she told me and my brother to keep an eye out for her because she would come back every once in awhile and check up on us. She was cremated and picked out a spot in the mountains at this waterfall that she used to take me as a kid. We took a family trip up there and spread her ashes down the waterfall. I took this picture right after I spread them. Its me looking up at the rest of the family that came. I know the whole picture is blurry but can you tell me what the white thing is to the right of the pic? It's right next to my father who is bent forward. The front part of his face is covered by white but if you zoom in, you can see his face through it."