Ghost Pictures: Gettysburg Anomaly

Bryan Davis sent us this ghost picture of an anomaly his wife captured while in Gettysburg near the Devil's Den area. He believes it could show a possible Calvary soldier :

"My wife and I had been visiting Gettysburg. We were still dating at the time. After we had visited Little Round Top and Devil's Den, we went into the field behind the Den, my wife decided to take more pictures with her Pentax digital camera. She was in the middle of the field and took a picture by the woodline. She had just put in new batteries and she took just this one photo and the batteries died. When we got back to the car and replaced the batteries, this was the picture that was on the camera. At normal resolution, the apparition appears just as a whitish/bluish spot; but enlarged, you can see the shape of a horse head with reigns and a soldier sitting on the horse. It is semi-transparent, but interesting to say the least!"

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