Picture of Grandpa's Ghost

Kim Retallack from Springfield, Kentucky believes this could be a ghost picture of grandpa. There is a remarkable rainbow anomaly on the porch where he use to sit. It is interesting that there is nothing in, or around the porch to cause the light to appear this way (reflection, moisture, etc):

"My grandfather was found dead at the edge of some woods a mile away from his home. A short time after his death my aunt and uncle totally remodeled his home for future sale. During the remodeling, my aunt was taking some before-and-after pictures. She had her film developed and was shocked at the presence of an orb in her pictures. My grandfather could always be found sitting on the front porch during nice weather. As you can see, an orb is in the picture where a rocking bench use to be. His death was never solved by the KY state police. I believe with my heart and soul that his soul is not at rest because of this..."