Libaran Island Ghost Picture

Colin sent us this fascinating ghost picture from Libaran Island in Malaysia. Here is the explanation behind the photograph:

"All my coursemates and I enjoyed some lectures about the exploration of the culture of the people at Libaran lsland. At that night before our trip was finished, and after the dance, we all together moved wood base objects to the owner's house. We used torch light at night and all moved together. On the way coming back, one of my friends was suffering by a ghost. We all prayed and after awhile he felt OK. After that trip, we checked the picture and one of my coursemates found something inside the picture on her digital camera that she shot at that night's dance."

The ghosts almost look like they are reflected onto glass somehow.  We inquired if the photo had been shot through glass and we were told it wasn't. So, how and why did the apparitions appear?  You decide...