Ghost Pictures: World War Two Ghost Soldier

Kathy Owen of Bodfish, California and Lake Isabella Paranormal Society has a very interesting ghost picture that just may reveal a World War Two ghost soldier:

"This ghost picture was taken back in 1998 while my husband, Travis, and I were truck drivers. We were coming home to California when we stopped at the General George Patton Museum in Indio, California.

We took a break and walked around looking at the artillery and tanks that dotted the premises. My daughter and I posed for a photograph in front of a tank. Travis used a film camera to take our picture. I still have the original photo in my ghost photograph collection. We noticed that there appears to be a ghost behind the tank. He appears to be dressed in World War Two clothing, possibly trudging next to the tank as if still in combat. When enlarging the photo, it appears it could be the result of shadows within the bushes. It is hard to tell. However, looking at the figure closer, and knowing the US Army wore olive green uniforms back in the day, the form should blend in well with the bushes. If it didn't, then it would defeat the purpose of the uniform color. "