Gran Dad Ghost Picture

Joanne sent this old, picture of her grand dad with a weird face in the corner:

"This is a photo of my Great Grand Dad, David Aston born 1869, this photo was e-mailed to me via my cousin who lives in Australia. It seems to have picked up a spirit on the way over, if you look a the top left hand corner you can see what looks like the devil. Scared me to death, talk about gremlins in your works."

Update: Roberta sent us this drawing over the picture and interesting comments...

"I was on your web site and was looking at the pictures when I came across the Grandfather one where the lady saw a devil, I couldn't see a devil at all but saw a little kitty who probably passed on and is guarding his master. Just wanted to share what I happened to see. I drew an outline around where I saw it."