Woman in the Mouth Ghost Picture

DJ sent this picture of the inside of her mouth with a woman in it! Pretty freaky! It's a fun picture, but we doubt it's a ghost. More than likely it is some type of double exposure with woman having come from somewhere else, such as the TV, a magazine cover, etc. How this happens, we are not sure, but we have seen it before (just not in a mouth). This type of orange streak (or other colors) seems to appear in this type of photo.

"I took this picture in my apartment. There were no mirrors around. It's of my teeth, because I have a bad tooth ache, and wanted to look at it. I have no idea who this woman is, and it was taken with my digital camera. Ihave not touched this photo in any way. I have had some experiences with ghosts, once so far in the place I live in now (twice, if this ones real). No one else has touched my camera either. I took a few pics, then uploaded them onto my computer, and this is what I found."