Ghost Pictures: Strange Faces Ghosts

Larry sent us the following ghost story and picture. The full story is below the image.

"I was a skeptic when I went to this bridge three people said was haunted. I took a bunch of pictures with my digital camera. A week later I found this face in the middle. I sent the photo to a friend and he said there is more than one face in the picture. I do not know what the heck to think but........I am not going back to the bridge. I live in Omaha, Nebraska and the photo was taken near a small farm town named, 'Yutan.'"

"My brother in law has been talking for two years now about the bridge. Randy and his girl friend Jody live in an apartment complex. One night his neighbors were being really loud, so They went for a drive to Yutan where Randy lived twenty five years ago. Randy had heard the story of a boy hanging himself in a barn near the bridge. The barn no longer exists."
"Randy was telling Jody about the story about the boy when he stopped on the bridge and they got out. The light of the car began dimming slowly and then turned bright again. They both got scared and drove back to Yutan a couple miles away to discuss what happened. Randy wanted to go back and Jody did not. Finally Jody agreed to go back, but told Randy she is staying in the car. Jody was driving and they went back and Randy got out and stood next to the car. Jody waited a while, and told Randy to get in. Randy just stood there "frozen," is what Jody told me. Jody told Randy to get in, and began yelling, so Randy got in. Randy's face was white, and he asked Jody if she had seen what 'it' was doing. Randy said the antenna on the car was bending 90 degrees and pointing to where the barn used to be. They left and will not go back. For the last year or so, I tried to get them to go back. While discussing what happened, the hair on Randy's arm stood up, and I could see he was very serious about what happened. I got directions to the bridge, and got a friend to go. We each had a digital camera, and one set of dowsing rods. When we got to the bridge I began taking pictures. Later my friend came with the dowsing rods. I took the dowsing rods and told my friend I would find the ghost. I was very skeptical, so I was standing on the bridge asking if the boy or whoever hung himself would give us a sign it was there. Then I asked if it waned to communicate with us. I then pointed the rods to the left side of the creek and asked if it would show us where the barn used to be that he hung himself in. The rod in my left hand moved to point at the right side of the creek then the left rod lined up with it. They pointed to a spot that would be good for a barn. When the rods moved, I said to my friend, 'Check it out...they are moving.' S, he took a picture. When he looked at the picture on the camera he got scared and ran for the truck. He said, 'Get in...we're leaving," and would not talk. My friend was so scared he woud not go back over the bridge. Instead, we had to drive five miles of minimum maintenance road to get to town. When in town, he showed me the picture and there is a light on top of the rods I am holding. I never saw the light, but also I was not looking for lights. My friend will not go back, either. I have numerous photos with orbs in them, and a week later I found the faces in the picture. The faces did make me a little
nervous and I have not been back. However, Halloween is close."