Ghost Pictures: Ghost In The Attic

Dale Grinstead sent us this very fine ghost picture of a girl hiding in an attic (he's not talking about the chimney forming the ghost, by the way). There is an orb and a bat in the photo, as well. Here is Dale's story about the ghost picture:

"Just outside of Maggie Valley N.C. is a national park that has some old houses, a church and a school house. These structures are reportedly one of the most haunted places in the Carolinas. My children and I went to the park to see the wild Elk that roam the area and tour the old homes. In one of the homes I looked into a closet and noticed an attic entrance. I could hear bats flying around so I decided to hold up my camera and snap some photos with the flash in hopes of catching a bat in flight.

What I caught was something I feel is a ghost. Everyone that sees it is amazed. Upon further investigation, we were told that in the early 1900's some area teens held a dance in the home and a wood burning stove on the bottom floor burst and started the home on fire. The teens fled to higher ground and were actually pulled to safety through a hole in the roof. Everyone escaped except one girl who tragically burned to death. You be the judge: if you look you can see a girl sitting between the trusses in the attic, her back against the wall, her knees slightly bent. It appears she has a veil or maybe a cloth over her head to help her from burning. We also took many pictures that were filled with orbs but won't bore you with them once you see this. I have the original memory stick with this picture."

"She appears to be leaning against the wall. She is clearly sitting between two trusses. It's interesting because she is behind the first truss but the image continues. It's not a wispy image in front of the truss but clear and dimensional between the trusses. The girl seems to have dark hair and her arm even appears to have color.

Keep in mind this attic was pitch black with very little light. The story of the girl is well known in the area, and the house is well known for paranormal activity."