Ghostly Woman Ghost Picture

Mary Waldren and Terri Duncan sent us this great ghost picture and story:

"This picture was taken outside of Augusta, Kentucky a few years back. My aunt Terri had lived in this house when her two sons were quite young. We aren't sure how old the house really is, but the living room was a log cabin. We thought it would be nice to go through the house (it had been sitting empty for several years) and "walk down memory lane." This particular picture was taken in what I always called the music room. The gentleman who owned the home had placed antiques, most notably an old piano, in this room and had asked my aunt to not let anyone disturb them. I was quite eager to explore the room because I had never really went into it. I just started taking pictures of anything and everything. No one was smoking at the time, it was a warm clear beautiful day outside. Can you see the lady squatting with her hands on her knees? My uncle seems to think that she has a bonnet on her head, but I'm not so sure I see that. My aunt had heard noises throughout the house many times, but just attributed it to the house being old and settling. Her mind was changed when she she was taking her blouse off in front of her bedroom mirror and saw a man coming up behind her. She quickly pulled her blouse back down and turned around. No one was there or in the house. I myself stayed quite often with her, babysitting her two sons while she worked. I would hear children laughing upstairs when her two sons would be right beside me!! I wouldn't even go near the basement, I always heard like a growling noise when I would stand in front of the basement door. The house is completely hopeless at this point in time, which is a shame, it was quite beautiful in it's day, even having a servants quarters upstairs and steps in the kitchen leading to them."