Berlin Ghost Picture

Edwin Elkington of London, UK sent in this ghost picture of a figure with a shawl on it, perhaps. A real intriguing apparition captured at the Jewish holocaust memorial in Berlin, Germany:

"This image was photographed December 2007 in Berlin at the outdoor Jewish Holocaust memorial, each of the unmarked tombstones represents 1000 Jewish families murdered during WWII in Europe. One of my images is yet to be explained; looks almost like a figure with a shawl over its back and top of head, standing up against one of the unmarked tombstones. The conditions although in Berlin in December, were not cold enough on that particular day to see your own breath. No one was smoking where we were standing, and as you can see there was very little natural direct light that could have caused a glare / flare on the camera lens. Similarly, there was nothing at all obstructing the lens and no smear either. None of the other images photographed that day (even in the same location) showed any similarities what so ever."