Darla's Ghost Pics

Darla has been sending us ghost pictures for several months and telling us about her home's haunting on the Angels & Ghosts Forum. Recently, she had a paranormal group investigate and her house spiritually cleansed by some other people. Here are more photos and some of her own words:

"We had one of two paranormal groups come out last night and what we thought was to be a two to three hour investigation, went six hours. They saw one of three full apparitions on our couch. Everyone of them was excited. It was their first. They used digital video recorders and also recorded EMF. They have pictures of me, as I could feel the spirits and ecto all over me - what looked like smoke was manifesting several times. The group of seven also each were touched, grabbed and talked to in their ears. The dark entity showed itself and at one point, one of the members ran out of the house and was on is knee's sick."

"I (also) went with a group of spiritual healers and psychics. I never told them anything. When I called her, she asked us to come to her home. There were six people there and they first asked (out loud) if there was anyone with me and my husband that died. (One entity) came right in. He was the one attached to me and they knew things they couldn't have possibly known about him. It took about 15 minutes and he went to the light. I praise God for that. Then one of the men asked about a house and what he saw. It was my home! There was one bad entity there...they called on Archangel Michael and others to rid my home of it. I walked in last night and it was so bright; and you could breathe. I also slept all night. My dogs are playing again and my husband's mood has changed - he is smiling."

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