Ghost Pics: Ghost Cloud

Paul Baracani of Piper, Inc. sent us this very different ghost pic taken at The Brown Palace by his wife, Piper. Call it a ghost cloud! Paul and Piper use a full spectrum camera with the visible light filtered out, making the eye of the camera only see within the Near UV and Near Infrared ranges of light (and not the visible light spectrum):

"I just had to send you a photo my wife took while investigating Denver's Historic Brown Palace today. This thing is huge. The Brown Palace has it's own water supply, and the well is as deep as the tallest building in Denver: 35 stories. Many think this is why the activity is so prevalent. The settings (for the full spectrum camera) are for low light ghost hunting conditions: EV 2, ISO 400, with the white balance set to fluorescent. I also use hand held UV flashlights and sometimes a UV headlamp. I keep my settings always on the above no matter what the lighting."

Is this dark mass in the Baracani's picture a ghost cloud, a manifestation of energy? Could it be negative energy--thoughts--or is it a ghost or ghosts manifesting in a different manner? We also wonder if this was moving down the hall. You decide...