Myrtles Plantation Ghost Picture

Steve Adams sent us these ghost pictures taken at the Myrtles Plantation. The famous Myrtles Plantation ghost picture taken outside, has become very recognizable. However, there has been quite a lot of talk about the mirror inside the mansion being haunted, also. This mirror below, is a different one located in a room that Steve rented at the plantation. Is this mirror haunted, as well? Many have seen faces in the other mirror from the ghost tour, but look at the head in the mirror from this room (which is off-limits to the tour). Did Steve capture a ghostly face, possibly? The first picture has too much pixellation for us to tell...but the second picture is very compelling. We provided a gamma adjusted, darkened close-up of the face.

"This photo was taken in a room at the Myrtles plantation in St. Francisville, Louisiana in late February 2005. Photo taken by Steve Adams of Baton Rouge, La. Any insight as to what the image in the corner of the mirror is would be greatly appreciated."