Boy on Trail Ghost Picture

Rachel Nichols of Busselton, Western Australia sent us this intriguing ghost picture of what may be a boy on the trail watching a rabbit. The photo as a whole is surreal. Is it the ghost of a boy? You decide...


"This photo was taken on 14 June 2007 around 4pm. It was taken with a Nokia N70 mobile phone camera. My husband and I were staying at a historic hotel in Yallingup, Western Australia for our wedding anniversary. We decided to take a walk from the hotel to the beach along a scenic walk called the 'ghost trail'. We stopped to take a photo of the rabbit but when I downloaded the photos on to the computer, I discovered we took a photo of more than just the rabbit!

If you look towards the fence line beside the bridge, on the opposite side of the path to the rabbit, you will see the form of a child squatting in the grass. Notice the strange red haze too.

It looks as if this child is watching the rabbit! We have a feeling it is a little boy from the 1900's by the shirt he is wearing and his long hair. I haven't been able to find out why this is called the ghost trail but the area is rich in history and there is a massive network of caves under the area we were staying. Maybe this child
got lost exploring one day."