Native American Face Ghost Picture

Dale took an incredible ghost picture of what looks like a Native American face. Is it a ghost or pareidolia? You decide. Here's the story behind the photograph:

"Camera was a Sony DSC-H2. It was a rather cold day, other pictures show a fair frost. I store all my pictures by date, so it would not be all that hard to get you the date. Time was between 7 and 8 AM. A clear day, outside of the fog. Lens was set on 'landscape' setting.

What bothers me the most about this picture is how the parts of the bridge forms the face. I have been back several times taking pictures to see if the face appears again; it never has. Interestingly, the only place the bridge structure has the rusted color is in the area of what seems to be a face. The fog above the head appears to be relating to the face.

I was told last night that parts of I-70 were used during the Trail of Tears, but the town of Crab Orchard was named, and that is a fair distance towards Crossville from this location. Also, this bridge might be old, but it sure is not that old. Another point one has to consider is the amount of water. These may have been nothing more than small creeks until the TVA put in the dams that have created Lake Watts Bar, again long after the Trail of Tears."

We find this image stunning but believe it to be the product of pareidolia. You can learn more about pareidolia and anthropmorphizing at ghosts and matrixing.