Picture of an Energy Ghost?

Alex sent us this strange energy picture and story. Is this a ghost with him, or blurs from his own movement? Take a look and decide...

"The picture I took was of my son shortly after he learned how to crawl. We were alone in the living room, and he was crawling back and forth all over the living room floor. I took a picture of him as he sat to look at me and smile. The picture came out very distorted and you can't even see my son's face in it. The (second picture) is the original picture; (the first picture) is one I enhanced to try to see what was around him. Hopefully you guys see what I see. It seems like a figure of a lady, holding what looks like an infant or something wrapped up. If you see to the left of my son's head, it looks like gray hair flowing down and an ear. Also my son wasn't holding anything in his hands...he was crawling around looking for the ball (which you can see is underneath the chair to the right of him).

After I saw this picture I started asking questions about spirits in their home. My grandmother-in-law told me that several years ago there was an attempted exorcism done in the house, because there were always voices and strange occurrences. She told me she never believed it helped. The last time she had experienced anything, was when my husband was a baby and living in the house."