Imaginary Friend Ghost Picture

Shanny sent us her personal ghost story and also this picture and story of her daughter's imaginary friend she calls, "Bob." Are imaginary friends really ghosts or spirits that the young can still see and communicate with? Interesting it a ghost or imaginary friend in the picture? You decide:

"Just wanted to share this ghostly figure. My four year old daughter took it the other day with my digital camera,we've tried to take it again, but it just doesn't turn out the same. We live in a very old house, over 100 yrs old, and occasionally figures and orbs will show up in photos and videos. daughter has been talking to "Bob" -- I suppose it is her imaginary friend. After I saw the picture on their camera, I asked her what she took a picture of, and she told me it was "Bob." She is four years old and has been talking to Bob for about a year now. I don't know who Bob is, and no one else has seen him, but there is clearly a figure in the picture and she says it's Bob. The reason I believe it to be truly a because when I was young (I lived only a few feet away from where we live now), I awoke one night to a strange was coming from the living room. My parents had an old phone hanging on the wall just for looks -- it was the kind you had to turn a crank and hold the little megaphone looking-thing to talk in. The noise was coming from it. When I went to my bedroom door, I was scared to death; there talking on the phone was a little white haired lady. I wanted to run through the living room to get to my parent's room, but that meant going past her. She turned around and smiled at me. It was weird, because even though I could tell exactly what she looked like, I could see clear through her. She was a little woman with white hair up in a bun. She wore glasses...they were riding on the tip of her nose. She just grinned and turned back to the phone. I ran through the living room and jumped straight into the middle of my parent's bed, almost scaring the life out of them. I told them about it, and they never said they didn't believe me; but they never said they did. I would pull the cover over my head every night to go to sleep, but I would always pull it off to look. I saw her many more times. She never spoke or came to me; she always just smiled and talked on that old phone. My mother just recently told me that she told my father that night that the lady I described sounded exactly like a woman that she stayed with growing up. She had died before my mother even married, and the coolest thing is that my mom said she had gotten the old phone from the lady who matched my description. There is no doubt in my mind that it was her...Mrs.Mills was her name. I only wish there was a photo of her somewhere to compare to the ghost I saw."