Wishing Well Ghost Picture

Ben from Ireland sent us this ghost picture taken at the Wishing Well bridge at Kingscourt County, Cavan. We need your help, as we are searching for another image of this same bridge to see what it looks like:

"This photo was taken in the Wishing Well in Kingscourt Co., Cavan in December, 2008. As you can see from the couple on the left, it is a cold day; but on the right is the figure of a young woman possibly holding a baby, and wearing a white dress that looks to be from the 50's/60's. She is standing in her bare feet, not suitable attire for a winter's day in Ireland."

We need to find another photo of this bridge, so we can verify that there is not a statue on display there. Can you help us out? If so, send us the photograph by e-mail. You'll find our e-mail for submissions on this page: Submit Ghost Pictures.

Ben found more bridge pictures and there is no statue on it.

Check it out at:
Wishing Well Angel Picture