Breakfast Ghost Picture

This ghost picture taken during breakfast looks just like steam coming off the food or a hot cup of coffee, perhaps, but Richard Crowther swears it isn't so. Take a look and read his story:

"Please find enclosed a picture of, well I dont really know! It looks like a ghost sleeve or maybe a ghostly head with a hood; I just don't know.The picture was taken using a digital camera and it was at breakfast time on the 9th of July, 2009. There were no hot drinks on the table or any food with steam coming off them. My girlfriend (in the picture) was staying with friends at a place called Gogarty's in Dublin, Ireland. The photo was taken because, when they stayed there last year, my girlfriend looked a bit worse for wear. The photo was just quickly taken before she could object. There isn't a strap on the camera. No one was smoking (not allowed)."

We're not sure if the misty presence was caused by a ghost or something in the room, but Richard claims it is not smoke or steam.

Is it a ghost beside his girlfriend? You decide...