Mysterious Ghost Picture

LW sent us this ghost picture of what may be supercharged energy. What is compelling is the fact that the photograph was taken with film and not by a digital camera. Digital cameras with the flash on night mode coupled with movement will produce strange light anomalies such as this. They typically have a glow to them or evidence of movement by being blurry. Take a look:

"This photo was taken with an SLR camera (with film). It was one of about 10 that I took this night. A flash was used. No other pic had this strange light in it. I took another shot straight after this one, and it was normal. My friend said she felt something close by, which is why we took the shot. There are no lights near this tree, and we are at a loss to explain it. We have taken digital cam pics around this tree and have quite often picked up orbs around it..."

This is a scanned image of the original photograph. Though not super clear due to the scanning, we could easily tell there didn't appear to be any motion blur. Could the flash setting of the film camera have caused this as we have found so prominent in digital cameras?

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