Peeking Face Ghost Picture

Albi Beluli sent us some great ghost pictures, especially one of a peeking face:

"I belong to ECPIT ghosthunters in upstate NY. I took this picture a couple months ago at an old local graveyard there. I took about 200 digital photos, and in one of them, I caught this image. As soon as I saw this at home on my computer, I thought it was definitely a face. After a few minutes, I thought that maybe this could be flowers that I hadn't seen when I was taking the picture. So, I went back that same day to see if there were in fact flowers in that spot. But there was none there. I also captured an orb in the photo next to my back tire."

1: An amazing image of a peeking face. There was nothing there that could have caused it, such as flowers, etc.
2: Great orb picture by Albi. This orb is possibly from someone recently deceased, as it is grayish in color and swirly in form. The gray indicates light covered slight by darkness, as the person has not moved on unto the light for cleansing.
3: Another ghost picture from Albi has what may be an apparition in the same graveyard three years prior to the above photos.