Clophill Ghost Picture

Helen sent us an odd ghost picture of what looks like an apparition or shadow figure standing in the center of it. She maintains that no one was there when the photograph was taken at Clophill in Bedford, United Kingdom...

"Me and my partner were meant to be going on an organized ghosthunt, but it got cancelled. So, I took him to Clophill instead, as it's not far from where we lived and was reputed to be haunted. We took some pics in the graveyard and in the abandoned church at Clophill; we left after about an hour. When we got home and reviewed the photos, you can clearly see a pair of legs in the graveyard in front of us. We were the only people in the graveyard. This was about midnight and can verify 100% no-one else was with us. We were shocked beyond belief when we saw the photo. What do you think?"

It appears more black, so we feel it is a shadowed apparition, meaning a shadow ghost in human form. After examining the ghost photo, we see that the exposure time was pretty fast. We think this is a great ghost picture! The light bar could be a flying insect that was captured in air. The orbs are dust.