Notre Dame Cathedral Ghost Photo

Mr. Edward Horton of the United Kingdom sent us this very fine ghost picture of ectoplasm taken outside of the famed Notre Dame Cathedral (you might also want to see Notre Dame Ghost Picture Note Dame Cathedral Ghost Picture). Edward calls it the "Notre Dame Phenomenon." The forms are very interesting the more you study it.

"The attached photograph was taken outside Notre Dame Cathedral Paris just after dusk with the external illumination switched on. There was no mist or smoke apparent to the naked eye. It was taken with a digital camera, and has not been tampered with in any way. It was a very mild early evening, hence there was no visible vapour being exhaled. I had walked to the front wall to take this photograph and there was only one other person standing near me. Neither of us was smoking. I have no idea what the figures and faces that become apparent in the picture are, and am especially intrigued by the form in the bottom right. The few people that have viewed this photograph, agree it to be, the spookiest they have ever seen. The fact that it is outside such a famous historic gothic Cathedral makes it even more powerful."