Remodeling Ghost Picture

Jodie McInerney sent us this ghost picture taken during one of their remodeling projects. Ghost will often manifest when homes are disturbed through remodeling project. Many claim that every time they remodel, they have ghostly activity. This case is no different:

"We purchased our home in April of 2002 and since the first day we moved in, we have had some very odd and unexplained experiences. They have slowed down in the past few years, but whenever we do a major project in the house we do experience alot of activity. The previous owner of the home was a woman named GiGi. From random info we have gathered from the neighbors, it appears that she and her husband purchased the house and had done some nice updates such as new roof, windows and siding. Soon after, she passed away in the living room. I would imagine that the activity we get during times of our projects is because she is happy her home is getting finished. Nothing bad has ever happened to us, but she does like to play with the kids toys, ring doorbells, turn the radio on and off and/or very loud, garbage pick and throw trash on the floor (1x). Only once has a glass slid off the table and shattered on the floor in the presence of someone who is not one of my favorite people in the world. A few times my son has fallen or gotten hurt and walked away with less cuts and bruises then he should have, and we think because GiGi was looking out for him. Another time, my 2 1/2 year old daughter woke us up at 3am because the "birdie" told her to. Minutes later the carbon monoxide detector went off because of a puff back. If she hadn't woken us up, I don't think we would have heard the alarm, as it was downstairs and very faintly ringing. Anyway, the picture I'm sending I took of a project we were doing in the side yard. My husband pulled down an ugly red deck and dug out the area to put in a broken concrete patio."

Remodeling photograph has ectoplasm...a ghostly or spirit energy formed with distinct vapor trails.  Fog, breath or cigarette smoke cannot create such a defined pattern of trails like these.