Donnamarie's Ghost Pictures

The adventures of Donnamarie...

"My name is Donnamaria, and I have a past time hobby of Ghost Hunting. I live in Mansfield, Massachusetts - prior to living here, I lived in an actual haunted house in Pawtucket, R.I. That's when I grew an interest in ghost activity. I have a few I would like to show you. One (picture) is one that I call the friendly Blue Orb, and you'll see why when you look at it. Another is of a tree in a local cemetery. It actually had a demon like face in it. Looks like it knew I was there, and it's snarling at me with a very angry look."

"This [last] picture was taken this past Sunday - it's of my boyfriend and his two kids. They were joking around, so I took some pictures and if you look up to where he boy's head is, you see an Old lady. I have her in a couple of pictures with different facial expressions...almost like she was joining in the fun."