Boy Ghost Picture

Alicia Robertson sent us this ghost picture of what may reveal a boy apparition. The more we looked at this photograph, it seemed the more we wondered about it. We thought we might explain it all away with reflection, but some of the reflection is simply odd and does not seem to be completely normal:

"These pics were taken at my old apartment on my cell phone, the day I was moving out. I lived alone there, but always knew that I wasn't (alone). I was was packing boxes and moving out. I happened to have my cell phone in my hand as I was rushing around trying to get moved. I was in my hallway when I saw something in the corner of my eye go by me quickly. I was there alone so I was kinda' scared. I closed my eyes and turned my head the opposite way. I quickly just kept snapping photos with my phone. About a week later I was looking through my phone and came across these remarkable photos of this little boy!! If you look closely you can even see most of his facial features. It kinda makes me sad, because he was so young."

Does this interesting picture reveal the ghost of a young boy, or is it simply a trick of light, reflection and shadow? You decide...