Ghost Pictures: Angie's Ghost Pictures

Angie sent us some of her ghost pictures to check out. The first picture is from Preston Castle in Ione, California. It may not be anything more than anthropomorphizing, but we thought it would be fun to see if you spot a ghost in the windows:

"Preston was a reform school for troubled youths opened in 1893 or so. My daughter, cousin and I took a tour of the castle in the fall of 2006. In some of the pictures are lots of orbs. After we were done and the castle was locked up, all lights turned off. I was taking pictures of the outside of the castle. When I came home I noticed what looked like someone standing on the second floor watching us."

"This is a picture I took of my son after an accident he had. We were laughing at his injuries. When I downloaded the picture I was amazed. The other is a picture of my daughter in her room. She jumped out of the way when I took the pic. To the left of her on the glass of her entertainment center you can see a green face with his mouth open, and two other faces. My house was built in 1889. Needless to say she would not sleep in her room for some time."