Sydney Ghost Picture

Melinda sent us this ghost picture taken in Sydney's Luna Park. Quite interesting, as it looks like the arm of a person, but the body is faded out...

"My brother and I went to the Luna Park theme park in Sydney for New Years. It was 3 am and the place was about to close. We were in the restaurant section of the park with nobody around us at all. I snapped this photo of him, then noticed there was a floating arm by his side. It wasn't anyone passing by, as we were the only ones in the restaurant! There seems to be nothing attached to the arm and some sort of black cloudy mist, as if it's where the body is supposed to be."

"I'm very sure no one was around us at all.  My mum actually suggested that it could possibly even be my grandmother, who was quite heavy-set and always wore black. Her entire life she wore a white watch, which I've noticed is what this presence seems to be wearing."

You can see the arm, short-sleeved, dark shirt, khaki pants - all faded out. It looks like somebody walked by during a lengthened exposure.

We checked the exposure time, however, and it was only a 1/2 second, which is still pretty quick. We think if somebody had walked by, they would have been more solid than the person in this photograph. Did Melinda capture a ghost? You decide.