Ghost Pictures: Bearded Man

This is a fascinating picture from David C. with a bearded man in it. One must wonder how the bearded man got into the ghost picture, if there was not a bearded man or mannequin nearby?

"This is a genuine digital camera photo taken in March 1994. It was took inside a railway museum in England, and at the time was displaying fire and police uniforms. I was by myself in the room and took the photo from the center of the display case. You can see the camera flash and inches to the left there appears to be a bearded man with side burns, in the reflection. There was nothing in front of the display case or in the room that resembled the reflection. When I printed the photo i was surprised. I took a few photos in other areas but there was nothing wrong with any of them. I have been told by one researcher that it is an optical illusion; but it is still a mystery. Could this be a ghost?"