Man By Grave Ghost Picture

Angel of Strunk, Kentucky sent us this amazing ghost picture of a man by a grave. Is it him?

"I love taking black and white pictures of old or unusual tombstones, especially those from the Civil War. In August 2001, I was at an old graveyard not far from my home taking pictures of some of the stones. I snapped a photo of an old civil war headstone (as you can see to theright of the picture) and got a little surprise when I got them developed. At first I thought it mighthave been a trick of the light, so I did a little research and found some of the family of the man buried there. Their old photographs of him look just like the man in the center of my photo."

Some might consider this to be a trick of the eye known as "matrixing" or "anthropomorphizing," but one has to admit how striking the man's image is.  Is it a ghost?  You decide...