Ghost Pictures: Man In The Corner

We had a hard time seeing this image at first, but the more we played with adjusting the brightness and gamma, the more visible it became. Amanda Sitar believes she captured a ghost. What do you think?

"My boyfriend and I were at a cemetery late one night and I decided to just snap some pictures into the darkness. We came up with this one that looks like a man just walking around. He kinda looks old and the lothes he was wearing were nothing like the ones that my boyfriend was wearing that night. All I know is it was just us in the cemetery that night and that person is NOT my boyfriend. We caught some orb pictures too and a couple of streak pictures, but I figured this one was way better. It looks like an old man wearing a hat, a short sleaved shirt, maybe a watch, pants and shoes with white soles. Like I said before, it was only my boyfriend and I, and I was just shooting into the darkness. It has to be a ghost or something."