Dad's Reflection Ghost Picture

Tina sent us this ghost picture of a glass reflection which may contain her dad who passed prior:

"My dad unexpectedly passed away on February 11th, 2007 of a heart attack. My sister and I were goofing around taking pictures with my digital camera around our dad's house the day after he passed away, and we didn't get any ghostly images in the house. So we went outside and took some pictures by the truck my dad always drove and I didn't notice anything in any of the pictures at first until I downloaded them onto my computer. In one of them by his pickup you can see his face and it looks like he is wearing his favorite cowboy hat. There is no way possible for it to be my reflection, because I was standing off to the side of the window when I snapped the picture (and I'm a girl). You can plainly see in the photo that its my dad's face. I circled the face for you, because it's kind of hard to see as it was night time when I took the photo. My dad always said that when he died, if he could, he would come back and find a way to let us know that he's okay. I know that it's not just me that can see him in the picture, because my whole family saw it and they can see him too."