Ghost Pictures: My Home Is Haunted

Darlene Suleiman sent us all sorts of ghost pictures with the following e-mail where she declares, "My home is haunted." This is a great story and some fine ghost pictures of the haunted home:

"I am writing concerning that my home is haunted. My home was built in 1991, and my family moved into it in 2002 -- we were the fourth family to move into this home. I was really suspicious due to the fact that this home was sold so many times in the past eleven years. I decided to ignore that fact, and thought that maybe I was just thinking crazy. After all, it was in a nice neighborhood in the outskirts of Memphis, Tennessee, and it has six bedrooms (which is nice, as I have five children between the ages of 4 and 19). I have always considered this home to be very lovely. I have witnesses, just about everyone who has visited us in this home has had experiences. You will get smells such as Old Spice cologne -- there has also been the smell of sulfur and sometimes the smell of vanilla cigars. Doors slam, and doorknobs turn as if someone is trying to open the door. We are constantly hearing our names being called; sometimes by a woman and other times by children. I have also heard a conversation between two men, although I couldn't make out what they were saying. We have had utensils thrown across the kitchen. Television channels turn stations on their own. I will feel them sit on the bed, and the bed will sometimes vibrate softly, but very quickly. Balls will sometimes roll across the floor, and you will feel invisible hands touch and tug at you, such as hair pulling and tugging on my shirts. I have a little bit of nervousness, but I never really felt scared. Although I have had guests that have been scared. I have included pictures with proof, and I have many more if you need them."

1 & 2: "My best friend and I had stayed up all night just talking. We started to hear noises and smelling a strange odor that smelled like a vanilla cigar. I grabbed my cell phone and started taking pictures. This is one of my photos that I took in a mirror in my dining room. To my surprise I captured a tall boy in my kitchen. Notice that he is almost as tall as my kitchen cabinets and there in no color to him. The woman in the picture is my friend and the color on her is normal.

3 & 4: (This) photo was taken seconds later. Notice everything is the same, but now there seems to be two small boys on top of the kitchen island, again notice that there is no color to the boys other than their hair color. Everyone in my home was asleep at the time, except for me and my best friend (in the photo)."

5 & 6: "I heard a large bang in the kitchen and there was no one in there. So I grabbed my cell phone, and started taking photos at random. In this photo, I was standing in my dining room in front of a mirror and I asked out loud, "If there was someone there that wanted their picture up now." I then snapped the picture, and this is what I got. It looks like he is peeking around the corner at me."

7: "This one photo looks to me to be a man and a dog. Does anyone else see it?"

8: "My four year old daughter grabbed my cell phone and snapped a picture in our bedroom...just playing around. I glanced at the photo that she had taken, and this is what showed up. The photo should have had me sitting in a chair next to our bed. What I see looks like a colonial soldier."