Modbury Ghost Picture

Paul of Modbury, South Australia sent this ghost story and picture - complete with details and a psychic it a picture of the ghost that terrorized his friend? You decide...

"I've attached a photo I took when my wife and I were called by a friend to a house regarding problems with a spirit. My wife possesses skills as a medium and the problems in this house were so bad that the female owner had restricted herself to only a portion of the house for fear of the spirit. There were lots of problems from plants and animals dying without reason when brought to the house -- to the owners daughter being thrown through the 1st floor window (landing on the patio roof, luckily). My wife contacted the spirit of a former female owner who's son also lived in the house and had passed recently.

I took lots of photos with a standard digital camera on three visits. This attached photo was the second one I took on my first visit. Other photos contained orbs and nothing that hasn't been seen before. However to the right of the archway in this picture, between the kitchen top and the dining table in the background, is a transparent image of what looks like a female. The right side of the image is better and shows clothing like a veil headpiece; and the layers of clothing hanging down can be seen. Also the headpiece curves at the top of the head. From the image I suggest that this apparition was a floater as it seems to fade towards the leg area. It was possibly moving towards the archway. For comparison I took another photo from the same spot on the on my second visit and there was no image like this on it. There were no curtains or anything similar that would cause a reflection like this..."